Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Library Story Time

This week that big yellow dog was there, I forgot it's name but it's part of a story book. Hali cried at first but then went up to him on her own and gave him a big hug. I was surprised and don't know what caused her to change her mind.
We were going to go to the Bullfrogs game yesterday but it was 95 degrees...much to hot to sit and watch a baseball game for the kids and for this granny. Didn't go swimming either as the pools are in the sun and the kids get heat stroke easily like Jenny used to. Instead I got out some spray bottles and filled them with water and between cleaning the windows and spraying the plants, they sprayed each other and had a laughing good time.
When it's this hot, it's just as bad as the middle of winter in a blizzard. Can't to much with either situation.
Went to the eye doc today and ordered a new pair of glasses. My eyes will show more so I got some makeup...never wore makeup in my life so I suppose it's time to give it a try. Easy peazy beautiful Cover Girl...I see it advertised on Ellens show. Says doesn't matter how you are on the inside just so you're beautiful on the outside...or something silly like that. I also want to get red, white and blue streaks in my hair but don't know if I'll follow through on that. Trying to lose some weight and figure I need to look a little funky too.
I have so many flowers blooming in my full sun south garden, it's really a pleasure to see them all. I also have a veggie garden there that's doing well. Ha ha rabbits you didn't discourage me from planting more things.
I think I'll twitter that I'm about to take a twitter name is Janice605 in case you want to follow...what's your twitter name?

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