Friday, November 28, 2008

A nice thanksgiving

I got together with family and the weather was sunny. It was a very nice thanksgiving.
Today I went shopping for a few things that were in the ads. I waited until the initial rush was over and had a pleasant time. The weather was about 40 and sunny, just right. Loved watching the people, most were pleasant, some anxious, a few obnoxious. The clerks I came in contact with were all wonderful and helpful.
Tomorrow the children and I have plans and projects and will report on them if I don't fall asleep before I do that.
Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


A couple things.
Oprah Winfrey has a CD that can be downloaded for free. Very pretty Christmas music. She even has the CD cover and also an explanation on how to... it's only for the next 48 hours so hurry.
The other thing is Barack and Michelle OBama will be on Barbara Walters tonight and it sounds like it's going to be a very nice introduction to our president and first lady elect. I believe it's on at 9 central time...may be Fox 11, not sure if it's on the same channel as the View or not.
Oops my bacons done, have to go eat.
Happy Thanksgiving

Oh, one more thing, to explain the pictures over on the right side there. That's a little thingy that displays all the pictures that have just been uploaded to all the blogs...if you click on one of them it will take you to the blog that the picture is on. Pretty cool. I met someone in Australia that had a beautiful garden.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kitchen Inventory

Cleaned out my food cupboard and pantry this evening. It took several hours but I got it all straightened and inventoried. Some surprises ...9 boxes of speghetti and 4 additional types of pasta. What was I thinking! 37 little packets of kool aid...and this after we drank it all summer. Well mostly we drank fruit juice this year without sugar added. I have enough cans of veggies to last a couple years, and canned pears galore. I love canned pears but seems like I buy more than I eat. Birthday candles to last until we're all at least ninety I think. Some really cute ones though. I like wild rice and it seems that I must buy it just about every time I go to the store. I think I must have been going to make some sort of bean salad because I have every variety of canned bean there is in my pantry. Glad that's done, now I can re-do my grocery list.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hi Gramma

What're doing.

It's cold gramma come in by me.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fund Raiser Craft

We are having a fund raiser for an old friend from work. It's a craft/bake sale and I didn't have much notice so I thought I would make some little girl purses sort of like the bigger one I made. They turned out pretty good and I was going to price them at 15 dollars but now I'm thinking more like 5 dollars. I'll wait and let them do the pricing and just hope they sell and make a little money for the cause. Here are pictures of a couple of them that I made. They all look pretty much like this with different embellishments on them...all kind of pink and girly. I even made one for my granddaughter and she carries it around full of her things.

They are made from 18 to 24 month granddaughter's outgrown ones, lined with a pretty lavender and pink fabric and hot glued together.

(edit) they priced them at ten dollars and they all sold as soon as they were placed on the table so I guess I did okay. I bought some baked goods. It was a very nice sale, still going on this pm.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Today I met with old friends at one of their houses. We made blue jean purses of all things. It was fun, though, and we had a lot of laughs. Someone else brought all the supplies and it only cost two dollars a piece to make them. I didn't finish mine so I finished it when I got home. I still had to put some decorations on it and put on the straps. As it turned out I have the straps on wrong I think so I have to take them off and put them on the right way. They told me to put some Oops on and the glue would disolve. So I'll try that tomorrow and then get them on right. Anyway this is the one I made.

It's quite easy even for me to make them. They sell for $40 to $50 dollars to strangers or $15.00 to friends. It requires a very small pair of jeans, 18 months to size 10. One yard of fabric for the lining, a sheet of foam to insulate, glue and glue gun, and any decorations you want to put on. Oh, and a friend to help you when you get stuck LOL. Also a magnetic snap. It was an enjoyable time.

Here is the group I got to play with today...notice how conveniently everyone has their head turned away.

How beautiful is the road to a friends house...

Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Friday, November 07, 2008

'Tis the season of catalogs


Today I got a really fun one to look at. Some of the prices were sky high, but some not so bad, and even some are at 'I think I'll get that price'. The catalog is called Wind and Weather and they have a web site at

There are a couple things I have my eye on...

Solar Rainbow Maker
Recipe for Rainbows: Just Add Sun
This solar-powered rainbow maker works with a rotating, Swarovski crystal to refract and redirect sunlight into magical color, all year long. Easy suction-cup mounting to a sunny window is all that's required for a spectacular, natural light show. Clear body lets you see the motor and mechanism inside. Size6"H x 2"W x 1"D Size
one large box. 39"H x 69"W x 40"D


Serene Sun Face
A Wind & Weather Exclusive
This brilliant masterpiece measures a full thirty-two inches in diameter to provide far-reaching radiance on interior or protected exterior walls. A substantial piece of art, it is handcrafted of cast aluminum and permanently finished with some of the most vibrant metallic colors in the powder-coat palette. Designed to meet our exclusive specifications, it brings Mayan and modern influences together for an unforgettable interpretation of the sun. Size32" Dia. ShippingAllow 4 weeks for delivery.Size
one large box. 39"H x 69"W x 40"D

-->$329.00 $20.00Extra Shipping Charge

These I figure I can make on my own. There are always plenty of little critters around in the stores especially in Spring and then just set them half in pots near some pretty flowers.

There is one more thing (well that's not the exact truth as there are quite few more things I would like), but these are starry lights powered by the sun. This is a string of tiny little starlets powered by the sun and they glow up to eight hours on solor power, never need to be plugged in.

The catalog is much more fun than the web site and it is free. There is also a link to

(No, I am not selling for them, just thought you might enjoy browsing too)

Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes we can

My sweet grandson was for Obama all the way. He wanted to come to vote with me because he wanted to shake his hand and say hello. He believed Obama would be there even though I told him many times that he was far away. I guess at four years old distance is not quite a reality. He was sad that I voted for McCain even though I told him all my reasons. We went after he had a cap put on his back tooth so he was a little groggy, but he stood proudly next to 'his' American flag. I love this boy.

Monday, November 03, 2008

The granmaw story will certainly make him a shoo in now.

On to winter.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Nice weather

Playing with a computer program, very bored, stuck around the house until Friday...seems a long way off. Better, not well.
Have there ever been so many people voting for a black man to prove they aren't prejudice.
There have been so many black Americans that would have made a good president...Obama is not one of them. My only hope now is that there will be enough Republican's to make a majority, if indeed Obama's forecast comes true. He sure reminds me of old Joe...and not Joe the plumber either. The Joe I'm talking about is McCarthy.
The weather is supposed to stay warm until Friday then turn cold and snow is in the forecast again. I have a lot of flowers in bloom. My sweet Owen has been told by his other grandparents and his parents that when he's five he must give up his nuk. He cries about it and wakes up at night worrying about it. All of them smoke...wouldn't think of giving that up, a nuk doesn't harm anyone...why don't they just #%&* off and let this kid alone. What's the big deal anyway. He'll quit, I've yet to see anyone walk down the aisle with a nuk in their mouth. It makes me quite angry as you probably can tell.
We're almost out of apples and the kids want to go back to the orchard but I think the apple store is a better choice with the colder weather coming.
Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.