Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It's still summer

Been doing some knitting again. Have a lot of spun yarn and purchased yarn to work with. Since it's so cold I may as well start knitting. Now if I could just think of a way to knit, read, and play on the internet at the same time.
Time again to call out the witches

This is one of the reasons summer is so wonderful.

My crop of tomato in the Elf garden.
Owen started school today. He and his sister stayed here overnight last night and he got picked up this morning by his Dad. All excited and packed up with his supplies. Hali was very sick and hadn't slept all night so I wasn't able to see Owen at school on his first day or get a picture of him walking in the door. Hali and I went back to sleep and slept for three more hours until her Dad came back and picked her up. She was on her way to the doctor.
He wanted to bring his football...he relaxes more when he has a football with him. His parent's said he couldn't take it though, because there were too many other things to do at school today and they didn't think he'd get a chance to play with it. May Owen's guardian Angels protect him from the perils of life and keep him sweet and hopeful. I love you Owen...give 'em hell!!

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