Friday, March 26, 2010


It's almost 8pm and the sky is not quite dark yet.
I've been going shopping and out for lunch with the Salvation Army on Mondays. It has been a lot of fun and very nice to be with people. On Monday they told me I can't go with them anymore because I have a car.
I think when I was in the hospital and lost all the memories for more than a month...I think it opened up a space in my brain and now I can remember some things I had forgotten. For example today I remembered playing on the living room rug at 618. I was playing with my brother Bobby's lead soldiers. He was there too. My Mom was in the kitchen by the window ironing. She had on a blue dress. I had on a blue dress too. My brother had on dress pants and a short sleeve shirt. I was holding one of the lead soldiers to get it warm so it would soften up and I could bend the legs to make it sit down. My brother was stacking and counting some coins. Well sort of coins, they were the color of terracotta pots. The front door was open and the sun was shining in. HaHa, I wonder where this memory was hiding.
Easter is coming. I have stocked up on eggs because my grandchildren like to color them. I think we are all going to the Zoo on Holy Saturday to take part in the bunny hop, and have breakfast with the bunny. I'm looking forward to going but never know if the plans fall through. Well I can still go cause I have a nice strong car now that loves the highways. I even got a new Easter bonnet LOL.
The rabbits were hungry this winter and ate most of my little pine trees.
In an email from my brother today he said they ate a couple of his too. He's already thinking of getting out in his gardens. I need to visit him more often this year. I almost dropped in on my sister yesterday but decided against it.
If I can dig yet this year, I'm going to plant roses on the South side. I think climbing roses, maybe seven sisters. Thinking to put butterfly bushes in front of them and then annuals in front of them. We'll see, I have big garden dreams.
Enough rambling I have to go try to eat something for supper. Mashed potatoes and corn sounds good.

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