Thursday, July 01, 2010

I've been busy

with the gardens.  I have a wonderful veggie garden with the best tomatoes I've ever grown.  I've saved rhubarb in the freezer for winter.  I've had several meals with my homegrown peas and beans.  My little pumpkins are starting to blossom and the birds eat the morning glories and sunflowers as fast as they grow.  Or maybe it's the chippies, squirrels and rabbits.  I got my monthly gift today.  It's a little baby angel in angel wings and I put it in the tea garden, very cute.  I trimmed back some of the wild branches in the back yard and I think maybe the hostas will bloom this year.  I'm pleased that my Concord grapes are coming along as they should.  All my Dogwoods are beautiful this year and putting on quite a show with the blossoms and berries.  Here are a few pictures too.
Now I have to get busy in the house again.  I need to sand half the dining room floor and re finish it...again.  I've taken to just throwing stuff into garbage bags and throwing it out on garbage day.  Maybe someday someone will find it all in an old landfill.

This is my sweet Owen and this year he LOVES to come down those two huge slides.  Last week he decided he could also go down the covered one that's dark....he told me he even kept his eyes open all the way down.  You can't imagine how much I love that boy.  He reads books to me now...he calls them chapter books and he's only in kindergarten.  I hope he never loses his curiosity for life.

Hali....that's a long A, pronounced Hailee...she is like a fish in the water.  Always laughing and happy...except when she pretends to cry to get her own way.  A typical girly girl....unless she's playing football or soccer, then she's a little toughy.  She is sweet and soft and always considerate...a darling girl that's fun to hug.

This is my monthly gift.  It's so cute in the tea garden and a remembrance of things past.

These last three are the Yellow Lily in my South Sun garden, one of my favorites.
Some old standbys from the back garden
The flowers and leaves that are growing on the garage.  I believe the flowers are Clematis but not sure what kind.

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