Monday, October 20, 2008

Apple picking, a picture story

This is Apple Valley Orchard. There are rows and rows of apple trees just like this one. My grandchildren thought this was wonderful and even I had to stop and catch my breath at the beauty...Put me in mind of the song, For The Beauty Of The Earth. It was wonderful to be there.
Owen and Hali were really impressed that apples were on the trees, they never saw apple trees before, imagine that.

Then they started to pick the apples from the ground and I said no pick them from the trees.

They did get the hang of it after a minute or two and filled up the basket with Cortlands, Honey Crisp, and Delicious Apples to take home.

Here we are riding back from the orchard on the tractor drawn tram.

There were a lot of fun things to do there too, this is the picture pumpkin.

Here is the hay wagon, it was fun climbing on it I'm sure.

This goat especially liked Hali so she scratched his head and fed him some goat food and he was bleating like crazy when Hali walked away.

The Llamas were huge and the biggest one came running by us and did a Llama dance. It was sure fun to see them. I wish I could have had some of their wool for spinning, but I'm sure they'll need it too with winter coming.

Here's old grandpa in the apple house and the worker there said she'd take our picture. That's me there on the left, you can tell I'm having a good day. I loved the fresh country air and the smell of hot apple cider. In addition to the apples, we got apple butter and apple cider. The apple cider was soooo delicious, in fact it's all gone already. I'm looking forward to having the apple butter on my toast in the morning.

Now to the casual bystander that doesn't know this little sweety you would think this was just a happy picture, but her face, especially around her mouth is very swollen from her falling injury. I also added movies to this post but they didn't come in order. This little child climbed a chair back at Subway and it fell on her and she ended up at First Care at St. Mary's. A lot of blood, but no stitches needed and she has a new soft bear to sleep with.

The apples we picked will be pie and applesauce and fresh eating.

Here are the videos, of course they are backwards order.
Here we are at subway, pay special attention to the chair over Owen's shoulder at the end of the video. That's the chair Hali climbed in one tenth of a second and pulled it over on top of herself. We went to St. Mary's FirstCare where I saw a lot of old friends that told me over and over again that I should not let Hali climb on chairs.

My grandchildren chasing a kitty.
This is the train that the kids played on, they sure had fun.

And here we have Owen and Hali picking apples.

Now they know apples grow on tree.

This was our field trip for today and they are asleep snug and warm in their beds and dreaming sweet dreams.


Solitary Dancer said...

What a lovely time you must have had. That's something I would love to do. The kiddos will remember times like these.

Good stuff and everyone should get out and do stuff like this.


Angel said...

Those are wonderful pictures and memories. I enjoyed it so much. Except for Hali falling and the trip to the hospital. If you had gone a little farther, I would have been happy to see you.

Sandra said...

Oh Janice.... what a wonderful day you must have had.... You find such neat things to do with the kids!!!!! Great pictures and the videos are just precios too