Monday, October 27, 2008

First snow of the season

Snowed today, sleet and hail too.

St. Vincent de Paul has a new Christmas store on the west side near Weight Watchers and across from Shopko West. Spent a good hour in there getting some outdoor stuff for my south garden. Also signed up to volunteer cause it was such a fun place to be that I hated to leave. They want me to be a cashier, I've never been one but what the heck. Now I have a place to wear my Christmas sweatshirts.
One last thing that I want to mention is that I sent for two coupons for the TV converter boxes and when I checked to see where they are they told me they had already sent them last summer and they have expired and I won't be getting anymore. Suggestions welcome.


Sandra said...

don't know what to say.... but am happy you are finished with the pain pill but I hope the pain is also gone,, I didn't like the snow or sleet or whatever today but hope we do get a few nice days to get the yard work finished so I can relax this winter..... Might be fun working there for awhile,,,, what is it a day a week or what?

Solitary Dancer said...

Can someone you know get the coupons for the digital converter boxes? It really doesn't matter who gets them and then who uses them. See if one of your sisters can get them for you. You have good Karma it just got misplaced for a moment :-)


Angel said...

Just like mom; she worked there too and liked it. It sure sounds like a nice store. Hope I can go so you can check me out. Was wondering how you were doing and glad it's going good. Hali's list is hilarious. Might she take after her gramma? Can't wait to see what you picked up for the back yard decor. Also, don't overdo it with the basement; a little rest won't kill you. Have fun at the Halloween party.

Joan said...

You don't need converters if you have cable.