Saturday, December 20, 2008

A cold winter day

Here we have the art box out and we're making Christmas cards. Owen is working on one for his teacher and Hali is working on one for the Door Lady at school. We don't know her name so we call her the door lady. She is so nice to us all the time we wanted to include her. We slipped in a gift card for the coffee shop in each one.

Above are Owen and Hali at the library story time. Santa was there this week and was giving out candy canes and asking what they want for Christmas. Hali wants a Barbie and Owen want Nerf stuff and a transformer. The more things change the more they stay the same. Hali is watching Owen pick out DVD's. They let you take five each week for free...he was looking for a Barbie one for Hali and he found it. He's such a sweet brother.

I went to the mall today looking for a pretty dress for granddaughter Hali. I found several but even on sale they were way over my budget. I was looking for a pink dress with striped leggings but didn't find any. I was also looking for a ring for me just a band with pretty stones for my middle finger, didn't find that either. Enjoyed the crowd though. Wow, it sure was crowded. They had bungee jumpers at center court which I thought was odd as that was where Santa used to always be sitting. I had to park a little more than six blocks away but that was good because I have been wanting to start walking a little more.


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aims said...

Wow, they are growing! I'm glad to see they enjoy the library so much. I remember it was my favorite place to go when I was their age! (still is, lol)

angel said...

These are three things I miss so much but am really happy that you are experiencing them. First, spending time with the kids at the library; second, doing crafts with the grandchildren; and then lastly, seeing the mall at Christmas and rubbing shoulders with all the shoppers. Wow, 6 blocks away, you sure got your exercise!

Sandra said...

Janice I sure enjoyed your journal today! Makes me miss the kids being young.... and I haven't been in a crowd like that for awhile but if I get a chance I will get there this week..... loved all the pics