Monday, December 22, 2008

Got my flu shot today

finally my temp was normal. Personally I think something has been wrong with the thermometer at the clinic. Arm is sore which is a surprise because I've been getting these shots every year and never felt a thing.

Made some candy tonight with the kids. It was fun they were easy to make and the kids enjoyed it. Here's the picture I took...kind or dorky as they were posing.

After the candy the kids played with blocks and Lincoln Logs

Now snack time and story time.

This cold sure makes it hard to get ready for Christmas. Presents are ready and wrapped but I miss riding around looking at all the pretty lights. Just too darn cold.

I started knitting mittens again and am on my second pair. I can make the cuffs longs so they also cover the wrists and lower arms which make them warmer.

Well good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.


Sandra said...

Im so glad you were able to get the flu shot finally! The kids look so cute posing with that delicious candy. What memories those toys bring back, do you have fun playing too?

aims said...

Yikes! I forgot to get my flu shot! Stephen got his and that's most important. Hope his dad and I can dodge the flu or maybe get the shot later on.

The kids look like they're having a ball!