Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today was sunny and in the forties I think. I gathered up enough 'clutter' that I had a trunk full to bring to the boutique. Mostly books that I have read, but also magazines, kids clothes, shoes, knick knacks, etc. When I got to the thrift store and unloaded my cars trunk I had inadvertantly locked the car door with the keys inside. Not to worry though, one of the workers got a wire coat hanger and in three shakes of a lamb's tail he had it opened for me. Then I went in the store and got some cloth rabbits and a few little decorations to make Easter pockets out of a pair of Owen's cords that got a big hole in, playing outside. He told me they were his favorites and said he was sad that I couldn't repair them. So I said I'd decorate the pockets. If I think of it, I'll post a picture. Also stopped at Fleet Farm and got sugaring supplies so I can tap the trees tomorrow. I might be a little late this year on that. Got a few packs of annual flower seeds. Climbing ones so I can cover the fence where the rabbits have eaten the little pine trees.

Other than that I just read for a while this afternoon. Reading the Honey Thief again for the first time, LOL. It's after 8:30 so I'm starting to think about supper time. Never know what to have. Maybe sardines on crackers or eggs and beans on toast. A nice big naval orange for dessert and a cup of tea.

Owen's teachers are pulling a little prank on the kids for St. Patrick's Day. When they go outside for recess the room gets a little messed up and they tell them it's the Leprechon (sorry don't know how to spell that). Then on Monday they are going to put out a trap to catch it. Owen is so excited about this that he told the woman at the desk when we went to the YWCA for his swimming lesson. Owen's heritage is half Irish so he's pretty excited about it.

I watched most of Hope Floats again on TV. A good old chick flick, never get tired of it. Two other movies I'd like to see are The Changeling and Mama Mia.

Found a great web site today. Will have to look into it further as there's a chance I can meet up with local three dimensional people. It's I also enjoy it's fun to tweak LOL.


Anonymous said...

Tom used to run around the house and catch the Easter Bunny. The kids would get so excited. Course that didn't work very long but was great fun while it lasted. The decorated pockets sound interesting too.

angel said...

I don't mean to be mysterious and "anonymous." I guess I sometimes click on the wrong box.