Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Caretakers of the Garden

The garden at Elmore school where Owen went to school last year was in need of a summer caretaker so I volunteered for the job and take Owen and Hali along to help. We weed, hoe, water and pick whatever is ripe to take to Salvation Army. It's a lot of fun and we can play in the park during the watering time as there is a handy dandy sprinkler to use. The top picture is the vegetable garden, with corn, peppers, asparagus, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, pumpkins, watermelon and squash. The middle picture is the wildflower garden. I know the white ones are daisies LOL. The third picture is the butterfly garden with the milk weed in bloom now. I'm waiting for the butterflies to arrive in August.
After we were finished we went over to Tower/Atkinson park and did a few underducks and played a little baseball. Was talking to a very nice young man with two children, one of them was playing with Hali as she was about her age, the other was a toddling baby. He said they lived over at 618 Roy, can you imagine that. I didn't say anything about having lived there but I was happy such nice people were taking over the old homestead.
And last of all, of course, we had ice cream at Hansons. A pleasant evening.


Joan said...

What a beautiful garden and a wonderful day! The bright pink flowers are Bee Balm (I think), the yellow ones look like those flowers you have with the golden buds - Centaurian? Pink looks like Mallow. So pretty! 618, imagine that. My old house was finally sold to a young couple with a baby. They both work for the DNR. It's nice to picture your old houses happy :)

angel said...

That's a rewarding project for you and the kids. I can't believe you didn't tell him that was your home!!! I would never have been able to be silent.

Linda :) said...

Wonderful!! What a great job!!!