Friday, July 24, 2009


I have been trying forever to get this African Violet to bloom. Well it finally is in bloom. Just three little I did it! One small step for mankind LOL.
The compost bins are taken down and in the front at the curb for garbage pick up tomorrow. The compost is in several garbage bags, also at the curb, but I haven't much hope that they'll actually get picked up. I expect them to be ripped open and left laying in the front yard....yellow jackets, hives, poison and all. I hope I'm wrong.
Ear ache today, went to doc...simple ear infection...oh no...I have a hematoma in my left ear. How'd that get there. Have ten day supply of antibiotics...and a ten day supply of probiotics.
No, none, zero, zip grapes on the vines. I pruned them back and furtilized them and loosened the soil around the bases. Second year of no grapes. Last year they were frozen out, this year, who knows.
I hope to continue yard work tomorrow. While I was picking up my meds, the garden shop near by had a very pretty blue bird bath. I got it for the South Garden which is fully in bloom and also has tomatoes, peppers, beans, lettuce and rhubarb free for the picking.
I have a whole ritual of exercises I'm doing daily and so far not causing any pain. Plus gardening, hoping to get a little healthier.
That's about it.

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angel said...

Such a pretty little African violet. I haven't had one for awhile. Maybe it's time again. I don't have trouble getting them to bloom but sometimes the leaves wither and die. Mom's used to be so beautiful. I loved those little miniature ones she had.

That must have been a big job getting rid of the compost bin and contents. Hope the city picked up the stuff before someone else got to it.

I'm trying to get healthier too. The cholesterol keeps creeping up on me and I don't want to go on meds. Hope your ear is getting much better.