Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Color Orange

She loved the color orange. Even when 'the boss' told her that orange finger nail polish wasn't appropriate to wear working in the hospital...she still did and just laughed about it. She also wore orange scrubs and was quite happy, always a smile. When she got cancer she asked me to make her a 'cancer cap' out of fuzzy orange yarn, and I did. She wore it everywhere. I made her another so she could change off. She died last week. Her husband delayed the funeral a little so he could send her 'box' to an auto body shop to be painted orange. It was bright and shiny and beautiful with white angels at all the corners. At the wake she had on an orange flowered dress, her fingernails were orange and she had beautiful orange flowers to match her casket. Last Thursday when she died there was the most beautiful huge orange sunset. I wonder if she requested that. She leaves behind a daughter in middle school, a son who is married and on his own, a husband who adored her, two dogs and a cat.

1 comment:

Liz said...

Red touched by yellow.
Life touched by the light of a star.

She chose her colour well.