Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter is winding down

A Little Dutch Garden
By Hattie Whitney
I PASSED by a garden, a little Dutch garden,
Where useful and pretty things grew,—
Heart’s-ease and tomatoes, and pinks and potatoes,
And lilies and onions and rue.
I saw in that garden, that little Dutch garden, 5
A chubby Dutch man with a spade,
And a rosy Dutch frau with a shoe like a scow,
And a flaxen haired little Dutch maid.
There grew in that garden, that little Dutch garden,
Blue flag flowers lovely and tall, 10
And early blush roses, and little pink posies,
But Gretchen was fairer than all.
My heart ’s in that garden, that little Dutch garden,—
It tumbled right in as I passed,
Mid wildering mazes of spinach and daisies, 15
And Gretchen is holding it fast.

We've had an incredibly mild winter this year with almost no snow.  Later this week our second snowstorm is predicted.
  It's called snowstorm Bob...the first one was snowstorm Angela.
  I wonder if the next one will be snowstorm Cathy. 
Seems to be following the names of my siblings. 
I've grown apart from them this year,
never thought that would happen. 
I've made a lot of new friends though, which is very nice.
 My health isn't too bad, lots of pain involved
with getting older though. 
I've been playing games on Facebook.
 I like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and one I forgot the name of which is my favorite.  I'm on level 104.  Woohoo  kind of funny.
  I feel fortunate that I enjoy reading and have
a supply of interesting books so that when I need to rest
 I can read.  I also don't do mornings much
 unless I have something involved with the grandchildren.
 I see buds are on the Magnolias and the Dogwoods
 and a couple little shoots peeking through in the
 annual garden.  I guess I'm going to garden
again this year.  I've been reading up on container gardening..
.it seems a lot easier.
I bought a trampoline with a handle to hold onto
 while I bounce.  It's fun and I lead myself to believe
 I'm getting exercise.  The kids have fun on it too.
 I haven't done much 'tweeting' lately...but I do enjoy
 reading what Joy Behar, George Stephanopolous and Mrs. Gates have to say sometimes.  Well going to sign off.
  I hope everyone is well and happy.

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Geo. said...

My friend Willie, whose comments frequently appear on my posts, got a small circular trampoline 15 years ago and now, at age 74, can outwalk me. I think you've made a wise purchase. I may follow suit.