Thursday, March 01, 2012


The second named snow storm of the winter.  Usually by this time we are already up to the K's for a name.  Anyway, we didn't get any snow it was almost all rain and not even freezing rain as the temperature was above freezing.  So that's good for the people that have to be out and about.  Happily retired, had enough slush driving in my life time. 
Filled six garbage bags with trash yesterday and today that will go out with the garbage tomorrow.  So next week I get to fill six garbage bags with things for the thrift store.  Slowly I'm winding down.
Having some problems with my blog.  It doesn't show up like it used to and the sentences are getting cut off.  Not sure why.  I tried to fix it but couldn't.
I think I'll add a couple pictures today...
This is the chair I sewed on the grandkids stuffed animals...they love it, especially Owen as all the white ones were from when he was a baby.

Here we are at The School House.  We stopped there to get some posters so we can learn new chart, list of presidents, and the element chart.
They have free crafts on Saturday mornings for the kids and this Saturday it was making pop up books.  They enjoyed doing that and got to take them home.
Owen and Hali enjoying their green eggs and ham to celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday.  His birthday is Friday and we'll be going to see the movie The lorax.

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