Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Moving Day

Son and Grandchildren moved today to their own home. WooHoo. It's been a long year and a half. Lots of good times and fun. Lots of waking up in the night...gramma I can't find my nuk, gramma can I sleep with you...with pillow and blanket in hand. But baking together and skiing and ice skating and shoveling, swimming, going for walks, picnics in the park. Sickness too, learning to poop on the toilet, catching fireflies, sitting on the stoop in the summer looking at the big dipper and the northern lights and the moon. Learning to pick out own clothes and dress, and make beds and do dishes and vacuum and dust and play with the cats and read books and watch movies.


madcobug said...

I am glad that he was able to get his family out and all be together. I don't know what he would have done without your help. Enjoy your quite time and a much deserved rest. Helen

angel said...

I'm glad they have moved to their own home. It's a good thing. But you'll probably look back on it as the best year and a half of your life. Now that you have that deep bond with the kids, I hope they'll keep coming over. But now you deserve a good rest. Enjoy.

DB said...

From the way you describe it, it sounds like you had a rich and full year and a half. It makes me wish I had little kids around me.
But I'm sure you will also enjoy the peace and quiet.

DB Vagabond Journeys