Friday, February 27, 2009

Thundersnowstorm Julia

Grandkids were here last night and when it started to lightening and thunder during the blizzard they got a little wild. As for me I thought it was a sure sign of Spring. Anybody that lives in the north country will know about the snow that gets a hard crust on top...the kind we want when we're kids so we can build those snow forts. As adults though not so much as this type of snow doesn't like to go through grannys little snowblower and it's pretty heavy to shovel. So we just did a little then made angels in the snow and came back in the house. Neighbors came by with gigantic snowblower, lucky me.

Owen is doing good with his swimming class. No longer afraid of the water and even jumps in the pool. Hali lost her play phone so she made one out of Blox and talks on the phone all day...a lot like her mother and father.

The rabbits are pretty fat out in the yard and the little evergreens are almost all eaten now. I wonder if my home owners insurance will cover the loss. I never expected rabbits to eat everything like that.

Doing some redecorating, lots of reading, playing computer games, and going for short walks. A little shopping too with granddaughter. She likes to look at clothes in the stores.

Will be meeting with my sisters on Thursday if the plans don't change, looking forward to that.


madcobug said...

We had another afternoon and evening of thiunderstorms and tornado warnings here in AL . We may ger snow showers on Sunday. Helen

angel said...

Sounds like you're getting through the winter ok. I'm looking forward to getting together Thurs.