Friday, February 06, 2009

Owens first swimming lesson

I never learned to swim. I will walk in the shallow area of the pool and also duck my head underwater briefly...a second or two. That's the extent of my swimming. But I love the water and regret that I can't swim. As I watched Owen so bravely do 'the log' on his first day in a deep pool, I was so proud of him. I know he was initially frightened but his instructors were so patient and knowledgeable. Hooray, hooray, for the YWCA in Green Bay. Hali came along because of course she couldn't stay home alone and she layed down on Owen's towel and fell asleep.

Owen and Hali waiting for Owen's swimming lesson to start

Owen and one of his instructors...floating on his back
The instructor showing the three little boys in her class how to get their hair wet.

Owen bouncing in the water...his feet don't touch the bottom unless he bounces.

We stopped for ice cream after and had fun eating and laughing and talking about the great lesson. Owen was so happy and proud and Hali really, really enjoyed her ice cream.


madcobug said...

Great pictures. I never learned how to swim either but I made sure my Children had swimming lessons when they were small. Helen

Sandra said...

I went to swimming lessons for 2 or 3 years and only learned to float.... finally when I went to camp and couldn't go to the raft until I could swim to it I learned really really fast. lol Only do the side stroke as I don't like my face in water, haha

angel said...

It's really important for kids to learn how to swim now. And you will be amazed how fast they progress. It looks like they give lots of individual attention, and the pool looks so inviting.