Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

This is the cake I've been making for, let me see, probably 25 years or so. It's always a little different depending what I have on hand. This year it is mints and licorace. The first year, though, I got the recipe and directions from a magazine. Probably Good Housekeeping or similar. It had gum drops and licorace strings and coconut and I followed the directions exactly. Now, though, the head is a little off the bow tie and I got a little hungry for cake when I was putting it together so I cut off the bottom of the ears. It's quite good, low calorie too this year. Egg whites only. Or is that low colesterol. I'll be alone for Easter this year which is a delicious luxory. I've chosen to have cake and tea with fresh strawberries and carrots and home made dill dip. Come join me.


madcobug said...

Looks good anyway even if you got a little hungry for cake. Helen

Joan said...

Looks good and I bet the mints will taste great. I love mint. I started making the bunny cake when Laura was 2 - made it for her birthday. I haven't made it every year since, but did this year. Laura made it last year. It's a fun cake to put together. Funny, I did the same thing with the ears. Told myself they looked too big and sliced some off and had a little snack last night lol. I used pastel M&M and licorice this year.