Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Does anyone do that anymore. I'm on room five today, just two more to and bathroom. Pretty soon my house will be clean enough to hire a housekeeper to come in an clean. It's raining today so not a bad day to clean, except it's Sunday and I like to read on Sunday. Almost done with this room though...the computer, toy room. Every three months I like to pack away all the toys in here and replace them with some that I have packed away three months ago. So far my grandchildren are fooled into believing that they get new toys every three months. In any case, the stored toys are welcomed back. The house next door has been torn down. It took only three hours to raze that and the three stall garage and workshop behind it. It's all hauled away and the hole is filled in with sand, then black dirt, then grass seeds, then straw. It will make a wonderful baseball field/ park this summer.

Owen brought home a White Pine for Arbor Day and we'll plant it sometime this week. It will be the centerpiece for a pink garden...that's Hali's touch. Just don't know if it will be in the backyard...may be too much shade, or the South side garden, may be too much sun. If it ever stops raining that is.

I've joined Twitter but just on my computer as I don't know the cost of having it on my cell phone. I should find out. I have no followers so far and only following Obama. So are any of my dear readers on Twitter?
I fell kind of hard the other day in the kitchen. When I regained my composer I discovered that my right leg and foot were twisted under me. I eventually got up and phoned the doctor. She told me to have someone take me to the clinic where the bone doctors are. So I had myself take me. Bottom line my knee was sprained and my ankle bone was chipped so I have an air cast. I remember breaking my ankle when I was sixteen and had to have on a white plaster cast...this is much more user friendly.

There are beautiful yellow birds at the feeder, looks like about 7 or 8 of them. I've got sunshine on a cloudy day.

I'll see if I have a couple pictures to post.



First Dive


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angel said...

Gonna have to put you in an air bubble. You must have fallen really hard to twist your knee. Hope it's not too painful and that you are getting better.