Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kids here today

We colored Easter eggs and played Uno.  Time went fast.
Owen read a book to me.  He's a very good reader and knows a lot of big words and small words.  I still can't believe he learned to read so good so fast.  I'm proud of him.
Hali likes to write letter...a lot of letters in a row and is looking forward to being able to make words with them.  She also likes to play guess what I drew, and make picture stories.
I'm proud of her.
It snowed today and was windy and cold so we stayed in.
We watched Kate plus Eight that I had taped from the other night.  They were in a zoo in Australia and we learned a lot about the animals and got to see how the kids are growing.
In the market for a new computer but hate to do the shopping for it so it may take a while.  Also getting a WII Fit and Sport.  I didn't keep up with electronics since I retired and I'm not sure what I need to connect it...and hate to ask.
Was going to try church tomorrow but have decided to check out the Civil War and Dinosaur exhibits at the Museum instead. 
I made hollow cereal egg treats with M and M's inside...Picture follows.

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