Friday, April 01, 2011

Spring cleaning done

The hardest part was hanging the new curtains.  The color is called brown sugar, but they look peachy.  I hung them upside down cause it looks better LOL.  The kitchen is so bright and clean too.  Nice to have it all done. 

Anakin (cat) followed me around all day and helped me.  She's such a sweetie.  CC (cat)  hid under the bed, she doesn't like change.

It was warm enough on the sun porch to sit out and read for a little while.  I guess snow is coming again on Sunday.  I take what comes along.  I don't need any more snow, I have the snow balls for July waiting in the freezer.

A shame about having to throw out that Christmas ham.  I'm going to have sloppy joes for Easter I think.  And if no one comes over I'm going to go to a local free brunch and meet some people that are poor and old like me.

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