Sunday, September 11, 2011

It was asthma season

and all the ER rooms were occupied mostly with kids having problems with their breathing.  The only room left was the small specials room.  The boy was with his parents and I was giving him a breathing treatment.  A nurse came in and said there's been a plane accident in New York on one of the skyscrapers.  By the time I finished the treatment and was ready to head upstairs to the Respiratory Department, the accident was already on the news.  They said that a plane hit a building and smoke was coming out of it.  It was live on TV, I don't know what channel.  As we were all watching a plane came into view and headed right for another building and crashed it...someone said that must be the World Trade Center.  I left and went upstairs.  We were doing testing on the machines that day.
The TV was on in the break room and they were saying that another plane had hit in Washington DC and they thought there were one or two more that had been hijacked.  I got through the rest of the work day and went home.  I assured that my children were safe and at home.  I remember I was shaking pretty bad.  It was the worst of days so filled with horror.
When the jets fly over on game day I have to prepare myself for them, wait for them, while the game is starting so I know what they are here for.  This last summer the Air Force jets scrambled twice and afterward they announced that it was a practice run each time.  I guess they got so many inquiries that they finally said what it was.   The Spring after that horrible day, Bellin Hospital was building a tunnel under the road by their hospital and they hauled the dirt to the trainyard less than a block away from me.  The trucks would empty out the dirt and then slam the back of the truck box a couple times to get all the clay, etc. out.  It would start at 5 in the morning so it would wake me up.  I woke up screaming almost every day thinking we were being attacked again.  I never got used to it and it lasted over two months.  I finally got up the nerve to call the administrator at Bellin and told him what was going on.  Bless his little pea pickin heart they moved the dump site to a non-residential area.  My house is under a flight pattern so the planes fly over every day.  They look like the same kind of planes.  I still think of that day every time I see them.  It affected everyone in some way.
God Bless America.

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