Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sign up day

I signed up for a Craft Class, a Cooking Class for Vegetables (can't always eat them raw I guess) and also as a volunteer after school tutor.  Gotta keep up or get left behind.  It was such a beautiful day I would have thought I'd spend time in the yard.  But took one look at those clothes lines that got wrecked when the big branch fell and decided no.  I did, however carry out the flat of plants I bought and put them out by the barrel planter hahahahaha, they are annuals and I bought them last May.  The Morning Glories are still in the tiny little pots and they are blooming.  The rest are shade flowers all colors.  Maybe tomorrow I'll plant them.  That's a good Sunday job.  Checked on the grapes today and thank God this is the off year as I don't think I feel like messing with them except to grab a handful when I'm outside looking at them.  Finished the Postmistress, very good book.  Now I searched and made up another list for the library but in the meantime I have two magazines to read.  Woman's Day and Family Circle...they are kind of like Dr. Oz and Oprah on paper.  Goodnight people everywhere.

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