Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Letting in a little winter

Today I changed my bed sheets to the flannel ones and added the mattress warmer to the bed.  I didn't turn it on yet, but it's there and ready.  Didn't quite turn the furnace on but the next best thing to warm the house was to bake a cake and turn on the oven.  I made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  I also washed clothes and vented the drier inside for this one time.  Couldn't work in the yard cause my left leg didn't work right and was pretty painful.  I was surprised as that usually only happens when it's humid and it wasn't humid today.  The wind and rain storm the other day left such a big branch in the back yard across my clothes lines.  I waited to see if I could get help moving it but then ended up moving it myself.  I know I shouldn't but it did work out okay.  I moved it to the front for pick up yesterday...could be why I'm having a little muscle pain today. 
The cupcakes are delicious. 

 Hali won a summer reading program prize at the Southwest library
 Owen modeling a Cub shirt I got for him and holding up a sign that says the Cubbies suck...I guess he isn't happy with the shirt and cap.
 Fort Howard had a picnic and open house the day before school started
 Owen and Hali getting ready to sit down and eat at the picnic

The Slack boys posing for the camera

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