Saturday, September 10, 2011

The old bench that Hali loves

To begin with the bench was just an old curb shopped piece of junk with good bones. I painted it and re-covered the seat and put it next to the side door. It has been there all Hali's life which is only five years. But over the years it got pretty warn. The back was all broken and the seat was in pieces. I was hauling it out to be picked up for junk one day and Hali thought I should fix it. Well by that time it was pretty well unusable but she likes that old bench. We sat on it for stories and to change shoes and to watch the stars at night and to have our root beer floats so it had good meaning for her. I liked it as well while it lasted but I wanted new. Well I took it apart and glued the back slats back on and removed the seat part that had broken in two. I painted it, got a board, some screws and a piece of fabric and today I put it together. I have before and after pictures so Hali can remember. Owen likes it too but he isn't much of a sitter. He's always playing football or riding his bike or doing work in the yard.  This is the after picture.


madcobug said...

Bet that seat looks good. Helen

Angel said...

You did a good job of restoring that bench. I can see why Hali likes it...just the right size for two people to sit and talk.