Saturday, March 19, 2011

Owen and Hali here today.

Had fun.  They wanted to go shopping but I convinced them to stay home and play cards with me and make chili.  It was so funny to play Old Maid with them.  At first they didn't quite get it but after I stuck the Old Maid up higher than the other cards they began to catch on.  We all laughed pretty hard after they started doing it too.  Also we painted pictures and told drawing stories.  Then I rested on the couch for a while while they decorated the windows with window markers.  I taught Owen to draw stars so we have a lot of stars and Hali likes to draw people so we have some of those too.  They dusted and moped their rooms today, cleaned out their closets and brought out the recyclables.  I don't tell them, they just do a couple jobs when they are here.   We made plans to go to the library and shopping on Wednesday.  They are gone now and it's very quiet in here.  I guess I'll read for a while and go to bed early.

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angel said...

A perfect day with wonderful companions.