Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday stuff

Went to Arti Gras today at Shopko Hall.  So many great artists bring their work there.  Plus there were projects for the kids to do and free classes for the adults.
Quite a crowd and the food was good too.  I was happy it didn't snow.
The earthquake in Japan has a death toll up to 1700 since I heard last and the sunami caused a lot of devistation throughout the world, even to the US west coast.  Now I hear there is a second nuclear plant involved.  I hope the US keeps going with solar and wind power, they both seem safer to me.
I have no idea what time it is today, I turned the clocks the wrong way initially and then turned them back only and hour.  Now I think it's almost 8pm but I don't know for sure.
Tomorrow it's supposed to be nice so I'm hoping for more outside time.

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angel said...

Your blog is a refreshing change from the politics on FB. I was happy to see that you are out and about. Even Artis Gras. You must be feeling better. I really have to push myself to go outside. Maybe today. You are an inspiration.