Monday, March 14, 2011

No peach curtains

I'll have to keep looking.  I found some really nice tectured curtains at KMart but brown was the closest I could come to peach so didn't get any.  Still have the blue ones up.  Maybe people don't use peach curtains.  Got some Grape water, Glucosamine, and Packer DVD.  I'll put that in Owens treasure box.  I see on Facebook that my nephew took his grandchild to Disney World.  I wish I could take Hali, she would so love it there with all the princesses.  I did get her ballet and tap dancing this winter though, that was good.  All the sweet little girls she met and she loved wearing the makeup and being on stage.  My hair is long enough to put in a pony tail LOL...hope to get it cut soon.  Moving along with Spring cleaning.

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angel said...

I'm sure Hali gets just as much pleasure doing things with you as she would going to Disney. Sorry you couldn't find the curtains. It's still a good idea and I'll be looking too. Can't picture you with long hair. Enjoy the warm weather today.