Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hair is cut

I'm happy to have gotten my hair cut and had a nice visit with the woman that cut it. She was very sweet and funny. Didn't do much by way of Spring cleaning today. My feet hurt so bad, but I'm sure they will be better by tomorrow.
We used to have a family web site but it's been removed and my brother sent me an email wondering where it was. I guess we'll have to correspond by email now. I did enjoy the web site though and sorry it's gone.
Sunny day today, slow down Spring don't go so fast in to summer!
I found some brown sugar curtains that are almost peach colored. Didn't get them yet, still hoping to find peach.

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angel said...

I wondered what "gonefishin" was going to think when the family site was dismantled. It was a nice way to keep in touch, and I miss it too. I don't really like fb but it's the easiest way to connect. No peach at DPthrift but I saw quite alot on ebay, pricey tho. Glad you got your hair cut and hope your foot feels a little better so you can get outside and enjoy the warm today.