Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes we can

My sweet grandson was for Obama all the way. He wanted to come to vote with me because he wanted to shake his hand and say hello. He believed Obama would be there even though I told him many times that he was far away. I guess at four years old distance is not quite a reality. He was sad that I voted for McCain even though I told him all my reasons. We went after he had a cap put on his back tooth so he was a little groggy, but he stood proudly next to 'his' American flag. I love this boy.


Angel said...

It's a Norman Rockwell sort of scene. Nice.

aims said...

I really love that photo and I think it is awesome that a four year old is taking such an interest in politics. What a cute and smart little guy!

Solitary Dancer said...

He is a doll and that is a priceless photo.