Sunday, November 02, 2008

Nice weather

Playing with a computer program, very bored, stuck around the house until Friday...seems a long way off. Better, not well.
Have there ever been so many people voting for a black man to prove they aren't prejudice.
There have been so many black Americans that would have made a good president...Obama is not one of them. My only hope now is that there will be enough Republican's to make a majority, if indeed Obama's forecast comes true. He sure reminds me of old Joe...and not Joe the plumber either. The Joe I'm talking about is McCarthy.
The weather is supposed to stay warm until Friday then turn cold and snow is in the forecast again. I have a lot of flowers in bloom. My sweet Owen has been told by his other grandparents and his parents that when he's five he must give up his nuk. He cries about it and wakes up at night worrying about it. All of them smoke...wouldn't think of giving that up, a nuk doesn't harm anyone...why don't they just #%&* off and let this kid alone. What's the big deal anyway. He'll quit, I've yet to see anyone walk down the aisle with a nuk in their mouth. It makes me quite angry as you probably can tell.
We're almost out of apples and the kids want to go back to the orchard but I think the apple store is a better choice with the colder weather coming.
Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.


Solitary Dancer said...

As always, the pics of the kiddos are just precious.

As for politics, I agree, 100%

Have a great day, my friend


Angel said...

Sounds like the nuk is a hot issue. For Owen's sake, I hope he gets to choose when he's ready. It reminds me of a certain thumb-sucking situation we had with one of our grandchildren. It just seems to solve itself.