Friday, November 07, 2008

'Tis the season of catalogs


Today I got a really fun one to look at. Some of the prices were sky high, but some not so bad, and even some are at 'I think I'll get that price'. The catalog is called Wind and Weather and they have a web site at

There are a couple things I have my eye on...

Solar Rainbow Maker
Recipe for Rainbows: Just Add Sun
This solar-powered rainbow maker works with a rotating, Swarovski crystal to refract and redirect sunlight into magical color, all year long. Easy suction-cup mounting to a sunny window is all that's required for a spectacular, natural light show. Clear body lets you see the motor and mechanism inside. Size6"H x 2"W x 1"D Size
one large box. 39"H x 69"W x 40"D


Serene Sun Face
A Wind & Weather Exclusive
This brilliant masterpiece measures a full thirty-two inches in diameter to provide far-reaching radiance on interior or protected exterior walls. A substantial piece of art, it is handcrafted of cast aluminum and permanently finished with some of the most vibrant metallic colors in the powder-coat palette. Designed to meet our exclusive specifications, it brings Mayan and modern influences together for an unforgettable interpretation of the sun. Size32" Dia. ShippingAllow 4 weeks for delivery.Size
one large box. 39"H x 69"W x 40"D

-->$329.00 $20.00Extra Shipping Charge

These I figure I can make on my own. There are always plenty of little critters around in the stores especially in Spring and then just set them half in pots near some pretty flowers.

There is one more thing (well that's not the exact truth as there are quite few more things I would like), but these are starry lights powered by the sun. This is a string of tiny little starlets powered by the sun and they glow up to eight hours on solor power, never need to be plugged in.

The catalog is much more fun than the web site and it is free. There is also a link to

(No, I am not selling for them, just thought you might enjoy browsing too)

Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.


Joan said...

It is a great catalog. I ordered a paper copy and browsed the online one. I love the pots with the animals peeking out, and you're right it would be so easy to make your own. The rainbow maker looks interesting, too. Thanks for the link.

aims said...

I love catalog shopping. I get the vermont country store. LOVE that one!

Have a great day~