Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kitchen Inventory

Cleaned out my food cupboard and pantry this evening. It took several hours but I got it all straightened and inventoried. Some surprises ...9 boxes of speghetti and 4 additional types of pasta. What was I thinking! 37 little packets of kool aid...and this after we drank it all summer. Well mostly we drank fruit juice this year without sugar added. I have enough cans of veggies to last a couple years, and canned pears galore. I love canned pears but seems like I buy more than I eat. Birthday candles to last until we're all at least ninety I think. Some really cute ones though. I like wild rice and it seems that I must buy it just about every time I go to the store. I think I must have been going to make some sort of bean salad because I have every variety of canned bean there is in my pantry. Glad that's done, now I can re-do my grocery list.

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angel said...

I do the same thing, but I never inventoried the pantry, just know there's too much stuff in there we don't use anymore. I think I will box up the extras and take it to Andrea's tomorrow. Maybe she would like some of it. (Then I will have more room to fill it up again!) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Angel