Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fund Raiser Craft

We are having a fund raiser for an old friend from work. It's a craft/bake sale and I didn't have much notice so I thought I would make some little girl purses sort of like the bigger one I made. They turned out pretty good and I was going to price them at 15 dollars but now I'm thinking more like 5 dollars. I'll wait and let them do the pricing and just hope they sell and make a little money for the cause. Here are pictures of a couple of them that I made. They all look pretty much like this with different embellishments on them...all kind of pink and girly. I even made one for my granddaughter and she carries it around full of her things.

They are made from 18 to 24 month granddaughter's outgrown ones, lined with a pretty lavender and pink fabric and hot glued together.

(edit) they priced them at ten dollars and they all sold as soon as they were placed on the table so I guess I did okay. I bought some baked goods. It was a very nice sale, still going on this pm.


Solitary Dancer said...

How sweet. They are just adorable!!!


aims said...

How cute!!! I think they'll sell like hotcakes! I wish I were talented that way.

angel said...

They are sure cute, and I'm glad they all sold.

The Cheshire Cat said...

I am not surprised they all sold. I would definitely have bought one for my granddaughter and paid more!